In 2008, the USA Ice Team was reformed to include America’s most excellent ice anglers who can represent the country in the world competitions. The group also aims to filter players who would be qualified to be the country’s ambassadors in ice angling abroad. The USA Ice Team aims to form its group by conducting preliminary competitions that would determine who deserves to be included in the national team. They have to accomplish tournaments that would help them qualify in the world championships. The members of the USA Ice Team are eyeing to become a part of the World Ice Fishing Championship.

The World Ice Fishing Championship is like the very famous, Olympics where 10-15 countries come together to compete for the championship title both for the team and individual competitions. It has been an established and highly competitive international sporting event that has built a reputation among sports enthusiasts. The countries Romania, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Sweden have been actively participating in this international ice angling competition. The teams of these countries are mainly composed of five fishers with one alternate, a captain and a coach. Aside from the major participants, these countries also bring in personnel, trainers, instructors and managers.

This competition is really a test of skill, determination, endurance, stamina and intuition. No electronics of any kind is allowed and participants must do proper research prior to the day of the competition proper. This is not a typical dishing game because participants must also be able to utilize their power and skill in drilling thick ice and augers while fishing. In the two days that the competition is going, the participants must survive the grueling mechanics. One team who will have the most kilos of fish caught will be proclaimed champions.