What can I learn from this website?
Our website shows the journey of the USA Ice Team in their ice fishing competitions. We track their journey and share their experiences to our readers as we want them to be educated with the wonders and beauty of ice fishing. We provide personal experiences of our team members and articles about the things that may help you learn more about this sport. We also want to educate you what type of fishes can be found underneath the icebergs.


Can I join and practice ice fishing?
Ice fishing is a serious activity which requires maximum levels of skill and practice. We encourage participants to undergo training and studying first before they can test their ability and capacity to be a member of the USA Ice Team. Meanwhile, people who love ice fishing but were not able to qualify can still enjoy this activity by observing and watching participants in every competition. We encourage them to propagate this sport more and make it recognizable to everybody.


Why should I subscribe to your website?
Our website offers regular updates and stories about ice fishing experience3s of our members and of other participants. We also provide weekly news about what is happening during the competition. We do not charge from our online viewers who subscribe from our page.


Is the World Ice Fishing Championship the only competition for ice fishing?
Of course not. There are many other local competitions that encourage ice fishers to join and show their skills. Other ice fishing groups conduct these competitions and several organizations sponsor them. Typically, anyone can join these games.


Is ice fishing very hard?
All types of sport are hard. However, it depends on how one can practice and develop his skills for it. ice fishing requires optimum endurance so you can survive the snow but just like any sport activity, ice fishing is easy to learn.