Fish species you’ll catch when ice fishing

Ice fishing is such a fun-filled activity. While there are people who find it hard to catch fish on the snowy part of the lake, some people find it very challenging. These people who are up for extra challenge do not mind the difficulty of catching fish from the ice. Ice fishers would also agree that one of the most exciting parts of ice fishing is determining which fishes can be caught under the huge icebergs. Of course, not all the fishes you commonly see in the lake can be caught in ice fishing. There are several types of beautiful fishes that can be seen swimming under the ice. The following are just examples of them:

  2. These fishes come in schools. You cannot see an individual walleye swimming alone. These fishes are cool to catch because once you see one you are sure of multiple catches because they always come together by groups. They are actively swimming under cold temperatures. They are one of the most popular fishes that can be caught while ice fishing.

  4. These species often go along with walleyes. Because they tend to swim together, they sometimes look like one another. However, one way to distinguish a sauger from a walleye is through its size. Walleyes are bit larger than saugers. Also, they are more gold in color compared to saugers. Walleyes also have whit patches at the bottom of their tail. One thing that makes these fishes awesome is that they also come in schools. This means multiple catches for ice fishers.

  6. These fishes are larger than walleyes and they are known for preying on walleyes and saugers. They are also more difficult to catch because they tend to slip from the hands of the ice fishers if not handled perfectly. It is advisable for ice fishers to bring tip-up and chubs to increase the chance of catching northern pike.

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