Ice fishing, like any competitive sport, is made up of men and women with varying amounts of intuition, experience, skill sets and techniques. The other important factor is the gear they use to augment their natural abilities. The gear not only makes an angler more efficient, it relieves a certain amount of external stress that diminishes that competitor’s abilities. The ability to form an unconscious synergy between brain and tool is the one truly human characteristic, and it’s why fish shiver in fear when the pro’s and competent non-professionals show up.

The sponsors listed on this page support the USA Ice Team with more than just the best gear, and more than financially. They provide the additional capability to not feel the cold, to find the fish, to get through the ice and all the other various aspects of the attaining the final showdown between fish and human – a baited hook in the water and how convincing it is to the fish to grab it.

Our sponsors represent the pinnacle of competitive support and their technology is second to none. We owe many sincere thanks to the people behind the scenes who help make our dream of international competition a reality, and for providing dependable, capability-enhancing products.

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HT EnterprisesSt Croix Rods
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All moneys raised by the USA Ice Team are received by Congressional District Programs and become the sole property of CDP which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the Project. The Program Manager makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by CDP for approval.